The Last week of Drawing I, Plus FINAL

We are in the home stretch now. I was impressed that many of you were fully invested in the Matchbook art project; very few of you were able to complete the work. A few of you asked if you could finish them. As is my policy, YES!

SPECIAL ALLOWANCES FOR THE MATCHBOOK PROJECT-We will add this image to our critique on FINALS DAY MAY 12.


May 7th is the deadline for all work with the exception of “Debris” and “Matchbook”. This work includes an organized class portfolio (clean work, no tape, nicely presented), the 20 drawings/pages for the sketchbook, and all other work, which you may be finishing for the class. Sometime between now and Thursday, before or after class, you will need to organize your class portfolio and place your sketchbook inside that portfolio. You will leave that bundle of work for me to grade over the weekend. Then on Tuesday, MAY 12, you will arrive to class for your final with the Matchbook art and Debris art finished and ready to present to the group.

In the final week of class, we will work on Portraiture and learn to draw the face.

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Thursday. April 29. Read carefully.

Your FINAL homework project, “Debris”, is expected in class at a 50% completed stage on Thursday, April 30th. In a professional world, you will want and need to learn to budget your time wisely and bring projects in on time. By staging projects into manageable sections, you can begin to be a good time-manager. This is a great skill in business and makes you very employable.
Many of you have followed the stages for this project and therefore have a good chance for success with this assignment. A few of you showed me revised sketches, which is even better.

SCHEDULE FOR PROJECT (following a typical professional process)

  • April 7-assign Homework IV-Flotsam and Jetsam/Debris
  • April 16-you have picked your theme, collected your debris, set up your workspace and arrangement, and sketched 4 thumbnail drawings for review with teacher. Present in class.
  • April 30-50% completed project due in class on the board; you should be half -way finished at this time. Feedback will be provided.
  • Present project May 12, FINALS DAY. Our last class.

In class, on Thursday, we will collect drawings for the student show. AT 10:15, WE WILL HEAD DOWN THE STAIRS TO THE BACK PARKING LOT TO SPRAY FIX ALL OF OUR DUSTY DRAWINGS. (At 10:30 we will be met by the security guard and he will allow us back into the building) Spray the graphite drawings and the charcoal drawings to fix them so that the dust does not fly away when touched.

Please provide one, two or even three samples for the student show. Be sure to write clearly: name, contact information (cell and/or e-mail) and Spring 2015-on the back of each image.The opening for the NCC Student Exhibit is: Wednesday, May 6, from 12:30 – 1:30pm,  in the NCC East Campus Gallery. Prizes are awarded.

We will wrap up the Matchbook project in class, on Thursday. If this is not completed by the end of the session, you may continue to work on them and bring them in on May 7.

May 7th is the deadline for all work with the exception of “Debris”, the final project. This work includes an organized class portfolio (clean work, no tape, nicely presented), the 20 drawings/pages for the sketchbook, and all other work, which you may be finishing for the class.

  • “Debris” is to be brought in on the final class date, May 12.

In the final weeks of class, we will work on Portraiture and learning to draw the face.



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Tuesday: Work on your matchbook art

You have two days to complete your matchbook art. Work hard today to enlarge your design and finish one side of the work. The rolls of paper are in the art closet upper shelf above the drawing paper. All other supplies are in the closet.

I am running late today. Ask Mari, the neighboring teacher for help locating supplies if you need help. She is opening the door for you.

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Revision to your FINAL homework IV

I have reduced the size of your final homework assignment. Read the file for revisions. Your sketch may not be of the same format. Please cut the sheet to fit within your proportions. You may also work larger if that is your preference.

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April 20th/Drop Date Deadline for NCC classes

This is a friendly reminder that today is the day to drop the NCC class or classes that are not working out for you. Your mid-term evaluations or conversations with your teachers and advisers should have helped you with this decision.
You, as the student, must go online and drop the class by noon today (research that time-line, but I think it is noon).

Please bring your four sketches into class for Homework IV (they were due last week). Many of you did not turn them in on Thursday or you turned them in partially finished. Many of you have a good start to your concept and wanted to show me your revised sketches. I am happy to look at your improved designs at any point.



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Thursday. April 15

Regarding your homework IV assignment:
A few students have contacted me with questions. First of all, read the instructions carefully. Follow those instructions.

I have asked for four 8.5X11 sketches illustrating  your theme. Use regular writing paper-one sketch per sheet.
These  four sketches are on the same theme using the same objects. The four sketches should be exploring four different compositions-just as we do in class. You are searching for a design and composition that is more interesting than the “normal”.

Your theme must follow the specs of the assignment (read the instructions carefully. the file is on the homework page of this site). This assignment is in black and white only/no color. Be prepared to present your concept.

In-Class: We began an exploration of perspective in class on Tuesday. We covered one point and two point perspective (How much fun was that!!!). We will continue with this lesson for a few more classes using the Yupo paper and various drawing tools.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 9.14.59 AM

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Tuesday. April 14

We are addressing perspective today. You need your Yupo paper and your drawing supplies for class. There will be a lesson on one point and two point perspectives using square elements-milk containers. When arriving to class, cut one sheet of your yupo paper into halves-50/50.

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