Wednesday Oct. 1

We will continue working on your two-day drawings. You all got a great start on the drawings on Monday; I’m looking forward to seeing your final work.

Posted here is the PDF file outlining the class agenda for October. Print and bring with you to class on Wednesday, Oct 1; I will walk you through the October schedule.
Drawing I_agenda_Oct2014

Wednesday afternoon @ NCC. Open Figure Drawing. Free. 1:00-3:00 in one of the art rooms.

Friday evening, Oct. 3, Portrait Group. $5.00 for registered NCC students. Bring a friend. $10.00 for non NCC students (cheaper than a movie!). Room 244
RSVP to me. Space is limited.
Information on Portrait Group here:   portraitgroup_flyer_OCT3

Look up Mickalene Thomas-a Brooklyn artist whose work is bold and textural; she works in mixed media including: wallpaper, sequence, and house paints. Her family and her Brooklyn upbringing is often her subject matter.


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Sept. 29, Monday and Oct. 1, Wednesday

Reminder: bring your large good papers into class for storage on Monday. You will start a two-day drawing project on Monday, using one sheet of the Strathmore paper. You will continue to draw on that project on Wednesday. This should be a portfolio opportunity. Still life objects on toned paper.
*This will get a little messy; wear old cloths or bring in a work shirt or apron.

*We will be working with dry dust pigment toned paper and graphite pencils on our project, next week in class. Note the positive and negative emphasis in this work.

And on a side note, please keep in mind that your progress and success in my class and at NCC are important to me. If you would like to set up an out of class meeting with me to talk about your goals and how to best move forward with your art career, please do contact me at my  email address and I will be pleased to set up a time to talk with you.
Also, Joe Fucigna is an excellent mentor and good at guiding young art students towards higher art education and portfolio suggestions.

It’s a good rainy day to sketch quietly. Everyone needs to do better in their sketchbooks (much better). Time management is a skill; learn to set aside time each week to draw; split your week in two. Allow one hour of drawing time twice a week to improve your Weekly Sketchbook efforts.

Example of student work/Homework, Self Portrait 2010: watercolor toned paper with black sharpie drawing on top. *We will be working with dry dust pigment toned paper and graphite pencils on our project, next week in class.

toned paper_student

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Wednesday Sept. 24

More fun with ELLIPSES! We will continue practicing drawing ovals/ellipses in perspective. I’m bringing in some fresh props to draw from.

I need you guys to start bringing in your good drawing papers.
Yes, that means you can bring them in tomorrow. They are Due in class next week/Monday, September 29:
4 sheets of large Strathmore paper and 2 sheets of the large Yupo paper.
(We will use one sheet of the Strathmore paper on Monday and Wednesday next week.)
Discreetly (small and in light pencil) sign your names in a corner of each sheet.
Carry them into class using your portfolios, so that they do not bend.
Once in class, make a separate brown paper sleeve for them; put your name on the outside of that folder. Hand them over to me in the brown paper. Take your portable cardboard portfolio home for now.
I will store your spare papers in a safe drawer, so that you can use them as the class progresses.

Next week I will arrange one final still life so that you may complete a large two-day class drawing; you will draw the same still life in class on both days Monday and Wednesday. That drawing will conclude our lessons on: sighting, measuring, use of a viewfinder, positive/negative observation and ellipses. This drawing is a portfolio opportunity for those of you who are in need of finished work for your career paths or for transferring to an art school.
In October, we will then move on to shading and studying the gradations of grey in a composition.

Four sketchbooks pages are due tomorrow in class. Read and download your sketchbook assignment here:  Homework_sketchbook_revised2014

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Wednesday, Sept. 17

We have a guest artist visiting us in class on Wednesday. He is a traditionally trained, CT teacher and artist. You will enjoy meeting Eddie Nino.

Therefore, please postpone delivering your first two pages in your sketchbook this week (theme: art supplies). Instead, leave your sketchbooks at home until NEXT WEDNESDAY. Next Wednesday, September 24th, you will have four pages due: two pages on the art supplies theme and two pages on the lamp theme-see your homework info sheet for full details. Sketchbooks are due each week on Wednesdays for grading for the continuation of the semester.

We will continue working with sighting, measuring, and positive/negative lessons on Wednesday. Monday’s class brings you the joy of drawing ellipses!

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Revised homework list

This is the revised Weekly Sketchbook list. Please print this and carry it in your sketchbook so that you can reference it whenever you need to.
This is also posted to the homework page of this site.

Eddie is a talented artist and teacher. He works with figurative subjects/people and portraits. His demo is of still life objects tonight. The small fee is worth the price. He’s interesting to watch and learn from…if you have the time.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 2.56.58 PM

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Wednesday class. Sept. 10

Bring this paperwork to class on Wednesday, this week. We will thoroughly discuss your sketchbook assignment for the semester. Download and print this file: Homework_sketchbook_fall2014

Also print, save and follow the September class agenda. Drawing I_Sept agenda_fall2014

And since your teacher was a total Goober today and made you late for your next class, there will be Dunkin Doughnuts served on Wednesday in class. Special requests can be emailed to my mailbox and I’ll do my best to accommodate.

BTW, Goober was actually defined on my Mac. I had no idea that it applied to the southeast region of the US, specifically Georgia and Arkansas! Tragically/fittingly, I am from Arkansas!

goober |ˈgo͞obər|
noun informal
1 (also goober pea )a peanut.
2 often offensive a person from the southeastern US, esp. Georgia or Arkansas.
• offensive an unsophisticated person; a yokel.


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Agenda for September

Posting Sept. 5

Hello six new students who have successfully subscribed to this class blog. Congrats! Way to follow instructions.
Attached is the class agenda for September-Drawing 1. Download this file, print and bring to class on Monday for discussion. Drawing I_Sept agenda_fall2014

One student asked what should be brought into class for inspection/review on Monday. Please bring in your art supplies: the sketchbook and anything that was *starred on the list. Also, anything you have questions about. It is not necessary to bring in your papers or your cardboard portfolios unless you are unsure as to whether you have the right materials.

I have also loaded the Weekly Sketchbook (your first homework assignment) information on the homework page. Print and save inside your sketchbook so that you may reference it always. Go to the Homework page: to download the file. We will cover this topic and discuss the sketchbook on Wednesday.

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