Monday, Dec. 8

IMG_5960Yes, Students, you may bring in your objects for your Homework III project and practice different sketches while drawing them in class. Your final Realism drawing is due on Dec. 17th.

Demo tomorrow is on drawing transparent objects using realism rendering techniques.

DEADLINE/Wednesday, December 10th
Sketchbook and Class portfolios organized and left for me to grade over the weekend.
And bring in Homework III for review. By Wednesday, you should have your realism homework III started and on your good drawing paper, with the first layer of shading rendered. I will take a look and help you with suggestions.


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From your Chairman

From Joe Fucigna/Chairman of  Studio Arts:
NCC Art, Architecture and Design students, do not forget to be advised for the Spring 2015 semester . Proper advising saves time and money. Lauren Hoegeman is an NCC Studio Arts alumnus who created the ceramic vessel below in the NCC Ceramics I course. She is graduating with a BFA in Studio Arts from Southern Connecticut State University this semester. Proper advising lead to her present success. Feel free to contact your program coordinator before the semester ends.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 10.09.51 AM

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Homework III revision: Realism

I have revised the Homework III project/Realism, to one single drawing at 12X12 size on Strathmore paper. You are not required to do two drawings as a Diptych. One object/one drawing in realism. All else remains the same for the Homework III project.

DEADLINE/December 10th
Sketchbook and Class portfolios organized and left for me to grade over the weekend.
And bring in Homework III for review. That Realism drawing is due as your final, December 17th.

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Final Assignment Project

To see details for your final assignment, go to the Homework Page:

Please download Homework_Diptych file, print and we will discuss in class on Monday.


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Agenda for December-Final Day

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 3.36.03 PMBring your graphite supplies to class on Monday: erasers, blending stump, sandpaper, utility knife and the range of graphite pencils. We will be using these for realistic rendering of objects while in class.

Download file here:  Agenda_december 2014

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Pics posted to NCC fb page

I know you are all focused and working hard on your Homework II projects (if you are not on the bus to NYC). I’ve posted new class pics on the NCC fb page. Go to:


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For Monday. November 24

Your second out-of-class homework assignment is due on Monday morning. See homework page for details. Homework II-Three objects on fabric surface.
Be sure to draw from observation and fill the page with your image; use the fabric surface to add texture and interest to your work. Use only the fine markers on Yupo paper. You may use the rubbing alcohol. You can take advantage of the back of the paper too, just as we did on the in class project WTHisit. This drawing should be 14X20 in size.

We will finish your charcoal drawings on Monday. This is a four-day class drawing that gives you an opportunity to do a terrific full gray-scale, value study drawing.

When we return from Thanksgiving break, we will begin lessons on realism. There will be 5 lab classes left and one final session until the end of the semester.
This is your final week’s schedule:

Sketchbooks are due December 10th; I need them turned in earlier, because I will grade them over a weekend and hand them back to you on the 17th.
The last drawing session/class is December 15.
The final for our class is on Wednesday, Dec. 17. Final-to be determined.

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