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I know you are all focused and working hard on your Homework II projects (if you are not on the bus to NYC). I’ve posted new class pics on the NCC fb page. Go to:


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For Monday. November 24

Your second out-of-class homework assignment is due on Monday morning. See homework page for details. Homework II-Three objects on fabric surface.
Be sure to draw from observation and fill the page with your image; use the fabric surface to add texture and interest to your work. Use only the fine markers on Yupo paper. You may use the rubbing alcohol. You can take advantage of the back of the paper too, just as we did on the in class project WTHisit. This drawing should be 14X20 in size.

We will finish your charcoal drawings on Monday. This is a four-day class drawing that gives you an opportunity to do a terrific full gray-scale, value study drawing.

When we return from Thanksgiving break, we will begin lessons on realism. There will be 5 lab classes left and one final session until the end of the semester.
This is your final week’s schedule:

Sketchbooks are due December 10th; I need them turned in earlier, because I will grade them over a weekend and hand them back to you on the 17th.
The last drawing session/class is December 15.
The final for our class is on Wednesday, Dec. 17. Final-to be determined.

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Students, After careful consideration I am changing the Homework II assignment and simplifying the project. For whatever reason, the sketches are not worth pursuing (there were a few rare exceptions to this). I choose not to bog down working on weak concepts and I choose to instead have you complete a solid drawing; use your time to draw rather than to pursue a concept. Follow the new directions provided. It will not be necessary for me to see a small sketch from you. Go straight to work and I’ll see the drawings when you turn them in on November 24.
NEW INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOMEWORK II  Homework II_revised_three objects

Note* IF you wish to continue with the original theme, you may. This all depends on where you are with your process and development of ideas and if you received good positive feedback from me in the last class. IF you are continuing with the original theme of “Ingest”, bring your revised sketch into class on Monday for review. There are only a few students who may/will choose this option. Email me if you are in doubt.

There is no better or worse option. Both options will be graded on the same scale. I’m looking for great drawing skills using the same methods we used in class when drawing the What the Heck Is It? art. I just feel that in order to assign one more out of class project, we need to “move on”, rather than get stuck due to an overly challenging concept. So, complete a great drawing and turn it in on time.

Both options remain due at the same time, same date, November 24. You are responsible for only one.

Samples of possible objects and how to place them on a fabric surface:

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Novemeber 12, Wednesday

The pictures from today have been posted on the art departments fb page. That was interesting. Loved it.

Art, Architecture + Design at Norwalk Community College

The course, if you are interested in signing up for it, is next semester (offered once a year in the spring).
Printmaking I
09:30 am-02:30 pm

You will continue to work on the 3 day Charcoal drawings on Wednesday. Due in class are your sketchbooks and the two concept drawings for Homework II.

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fieldtrip revision

The same: We will be departing at 9:00 from NCC (be in lot at 8:45)

The REVISION: we will be leaving from CCP at 11:00 so that you all get to classes on time. You will be returned to campus by 11:15 am. (I had misprinted 12 on my earlier post-silly me).

Go to bed. See you soon.

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8:45 am Field Trip. Monday. Nov. 10

See you in the morning. 8:45 back lot West campus near Art Department. Field trip to CCP. See previous post for all the info.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 6.30.23 PM


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Fieldtrip Monday, November 10, 8:45 am

Center for Contemporary Print Making.

This is our destination on Monday. We are meeting in the back lot of the art department, NCC, West campus at 8:45 am. We pull out, as a carpool, at 9:00am SHARP. I will take roll in the parking lot at 8:45 am. We will arrive at CCP by 9:10.
Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 9.33.08 AM Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 9.31.44 AMWe will be leaving the center by 11:00 am to get you all back to your classes on time at NCC.
Contact me immediately if you are not able to make the field trip; if you let me know you are sick and not able to make class on Monday, I will not be looking for you and worried. This is a required (FUN! AND EDUCATIONAL) field trip.
Center for Contemporary Print Making
Mathews Park
299 West Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06850
Phone: 203.899.7999
Fax: 203.899.7997

Email: 203-451-0082 C

New Homework assignment
Due Wednesday, November 12, in class-two sketches on regular 8.5X11 paper. Two designs and concept drawings that show clearly your idea for the Homework II project URWhat you Ingest. See homework page for details.
Draw these two sketches in graphite pencil or markers.

Weekly Sketchbooks
As always, on every Wednesday, you have two pages due in your sketchbooks. These will be #17 and #18 pages (you are up to 18 drawings then in your sketchbooks): stuffed toys or any objects with texture and irregular shape.
In charcoal for these drawing, see Homework page for info on sketchbook.

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