Notes on Art Supplies-Due Tuesday

Homework over the weekend:
Buy your art supplies
Sign onto this (we are off to a good start-over half the class is signed up already)

Your Art Supplies are due in class on Tuesday. We will take a look and check to see if you have the right supplies for Drawing I. Save your receipts in case you may return items that we do not use. For your convenience, the art supplies are listed on your handout from class and always available on the SUPPLIES page:

Study these pictures below. The critical point is to buy the correct fine point marker in black. You need 4 of them. The drawing tablet should have white pages, a spiral binder and not fewer that 24 pages total. These two brands are fine. Yes, you may buy them larger if you like to draw larger. The tablet (you only need one) will be used for your weekly sketchbook assignments.

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As promised:

As promised, here is a PDF file of the class syllabus.  syllabus_student_sprg2015
Print and download this file if you need a copy. This information was passed out in class today and we discussed the class expectations thoroughly.

On Tuesday, we will continue with our exploration of  Matisse, his cut-outs and the power of elegant, contour studies. Our ultimate goal with this work is to collaborate on a large hall project using multiple layers of cut paper, utilizing both positive and negative shapes.
To enhance your learning process, research Henri Matisse over the weekend. Better yet-go see his extraordinary exhibit in the city at the Modern Museum of Art.

See the HOMEWORK page for details on what is due in class, on Tuesday.


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Fresh Start

OK, spring/2015 students, Blizzard Juno is out to sea by now. I will see you tomorrow. I expect all 24 students in class and ready to get going in Drawing I. The snow is clearing up fast and we should all be dug-out by now.

I will cover thoroughly, the syllabus and my expectations for the class.
We will also draw. I intend to teach the full 3 hour lab, starting tomorrow, Thursday, at 10 am/sharp.
In the meantime, research Henri Matisse. Currently, there is a fantastic exhibit of his work in New York, at MOMA (Modern Museum of Art).
With his “cut-out” art, he worked with scissors and paper (only!) to draw positive and negative space, creating striking images in bold contrast.



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What does this say about our class, that the first day will bring with it, a “HISTORICAL PROPORTIONS-BLIZZARD”!  I hope this means there will be a lot of energy in the group.
Be sure you are signed up to the NCC Emergency Alert system so that you will get automatic texts or emails of school closings.
Meanwhile surf around on drawblog to see what Drawing 1 is all about.
It looks like our first class will be canceled but let’s wait until NCC posts this officially. See you soon. Be safe.

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Welcome New Students

Welcome Spring, 2015 students.
Hint-hint, to fall semester students-time to let go if you want to.

Drawblog is the Drawing I/Lori Lohstoeter site; you must subscribe to when attending my class. Once class is over, it is easy to disconnect by clicking the unsubscribe text at the bottom of your emails from in your mailbox.

We are about to begin:
Spring 2015
Course: Drawing I -ART* D111 – 03
CRN: 2676
TR 10:00 am- 12:55 pm
Jan. 23, 2015-May 18, 2015
Main Campus, DWest 243/studio

Instructor: Lori Lohstoeter. (
Drawing I: Art * D111 03/TR/Lori A Lohstoeter

I look forward to meeting you all on Tuesday at 10:00 am. Plan for a full 3 hour lab.

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NCC Open Portrait Session

NCC Open Portrait Session


NCC offers both figure sessions and portrait group sessions for added drawing time.

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Chiaroscuro: Student Gallery Pics

Some photos of past students’ work. Go to the Student Gallery Page.


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